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New Site Administration Configuration Pages

Never access Central Administration again!  Until now, people who used the Notes Migrator for SharePoint services (Import Service, Link Tracking Service) had to access our Central Admin add-in pages to configure them.  This was a big problem in many cases (including SharePoint Online and other hosting situations) where the people running migration projects did not have access to Central Administration.  There were some workarounds, but it was still a challenge for many.

Notes Migrator for SharePoint 5.3.3 solves this problem by introducing a new set of configuration pages that run inside the SharePoint sites instead of Central Administration.  Anyone who is a Site Collection Administrator can configure our services for their site collection.  To access these pages go to Site Settings –> Site Collection Administration –> Notes Migrator for SharePoint settings.  The following screen shot shows this is SharePoint 2010, but it is also there in SharePoint 2007.


The pages that you see are a simplified version of what you used to see in our Central Administration pages.  They use the styles appropriate to their new context, but they pretty much do the same thing.  Since we are already in a site collection we do not force you to select one. 


So now you have a choice, you can configure our services from our Central Administration pages or from our Site Collection Settings pages.  The only functions we did not include in the Site Collection Settings pages are our Link Tracking Updater/Finalizer tools.  The reason is that earlier in the year we introduced a client-side version of these tools that run in the Migration Console which are much better and almost everyone prefers to use them.

NOTE:  In addition to not having to get Central Administration access in order to manage our tool, this feature gives you one additional benefit.  You don’t have to install as much stuff on your servers.  In fact, you don’t have to install our “Administration Services” feature at all.  It is still selected by default when you run Notes Migrator for SharePoint Services, but you can easily deselect it.


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