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Send me your Usability Requirements

We always try to strive for that perfect blend of making simple things really simple and at the same time allow you to go really deep with maximum power and flexibility (i.e. lots of capabilities for designing complex migration jobs for migrating custom Notes applications).  We have moved really fast over the last year or so have and done a ton of stuff in the “power and flexibility” category.  SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Online, and working closely with System Integrator partners have all been part of this.  But I fear that this has sometimes been at the expense of ease of use.  Shame on us.

So in the spirit of Quest’s new “Simplicity At Work” mantra…

Quest Software Inc.

… my team is committing to put the focus back on ease of use once again for our 6.0 and 6.1 releases.  We have collected a good bit of feedback and we know many things we can do in the user interface, the documentation and help, and in supporting training materials.  But we are surely not thinking of everything we should be thinking of here, so we are asking for your help. 

Please send your usability suggestions – or even just your pain points – to me.  Either post them here or send privately to me at steve.walch @ quest.com.

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