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Simple migrations without tools

Migration tools are great (especially mine) but we don’t want to ever forget about the simple migration scenarios that you get for free from the Microsoft platform. 

Here is a cool video [link] from Microsoft’s Gary Devendorf showing you how to extract data from Notes using the good old ReadViewEntries Domino URL commands.  Gary uses Microsoft Access in this case to grab data from the Domino URL, massage it, and publish it to a SharePoint list.  Way cool!

You can do similar things using Excel and SharePoint Web Parts that read data from the same place.  Gary and I have co-presented on a few occasions and these types of demos are very popular.  And Notes developers are very happy to have a way to get started doing simple data migrations using these types of methods.

As Gary well be the first to tell you, these methods only take you so far.  You do not get rich text, attachments, created/modified metadata, security, and many other things.  That’s where tools such as Notes Migrator for SharePoint come in to save the day.

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