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Recap of Domino.Doc migration features

We have had pretty darn good Domino.Doc migration features since the beginning, but until recently I have not blogged about it very much.  Now that we about to release support for migrating to SharePoint Document Sets in Notes Migrator for SharePoint 6.0, I thought it was time for a quick Domino.Doc feature roundup:

  • Notes Migrator for SharePoint gives you default data definitions for migrating the defaults
    • If you really use Domino.Doc to store attachments with some metadata, than SharePoint “document libraries” are a great choice
    • If you store rich text or multiple attachments in one “document” you might prefer to send it to a SharePoint list instead
  • In the cases where users have build custom “Document Types” we give you full power to migrate the custom fields, etc.
  • We allow you to map Document Types to SharePoint Content Types (but you have to design the target Content Types yourself in advance in the current version)
  • We allow you to map Binders to SharePoint Folders
  • We map access control rules at the Cabinet level and Document level
  • You can migrate complete version histories [link]
  • You can migrate unpublished documents
  • Our analysis tools discover the hierarchy of Libraries -> Cabinets -> Binders -> Documents (similar to what we do with QuickPlace)
    • Using the automation features, you can automatically provision sites/subsites for every Domino.Doc library/cabinet
    • You can also automatically generate a new SharePoint list/library on the same site for each Domino.Doc library/cabinet
  • Our analysis tools help you zero in on which Cabinets have been customized and what customization have occurred (new Doc Types, changed subforms)
  • Using Notes Migrator for SharePoint 6.0, you will be able to migrate to SharePoint 2010 Document Sets.  Either…
    • Map each Domino.Doc Binder to a Document Set and out all the documents inside it
    • Map each Domino.Doc Document to a Document Set and out all the attachments inside it

Putting all this together, we do a good job at automating the discovery, target assignment, site/library provisioning, and content migration.

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