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Why is this space so hot right now?

Someone inside Quest recently asked me why the Notes application market is so white hot right now.  Thought I would share my answers here…

1. This is prime time for Notes migrations.  SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online have opened the floodgates of a migration wave that was already peeking.  Office 365 in particular delivers many of the improvements that Notes customers were eagerly waiting for.  Hundreds of the world’s largest organizations are committed to migration off of Notes over the next few years.  Similarly, many of the world’s largest system integrators have geared up to help them.

2. SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online create many new opportunities – and new challenges – for migrating complex Notes applications.  New capabilities such as document sets, managed metadata, search and scalability improvements, wiki pages, office integration are all seen as game changers for Notes shops looking to migrate.  InfoPath list forms, new built-in workflow and data validation features, and the ability to integrate external SQL Server databases as “external lists” dramatically reduce the cost of rebuilding complex applications.  Quest was the first Notes application migration tool to support SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online and (with Notes Migrator for SharePoint version 6.0) is rapidly innovating further ways to allow Notes migration customers to leverage these new platform capabilities. 

3. This is not a job for lightweight migration tools.  Because Notes was the platform of choice for building secure, collaborative applications for a so many years, organizations may have tens of thousands of old Notes applications.  Some are still business critical and many others contain valuable and often highly sensitive data that needs to be preserved with full fidelity.  Migrating all these applications correctly can be a very expensive undertaking for an IT department or an outside consultant.  Quest continues to invest heavily in this problem space because we realize that every incremental improvement we make can literally mean millions of dollars in ROI for our customer base.  It is paying off as the deeper people go into complex migrations, the better we look.

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