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Specifying alternate repository database with -rd command line option

The Notes Migrator for SharePoint Migration Console supports the ability to read a repository database argument from the command-line.

To use this feature, open a command prompt and start the console like this:

mmc.exe C:\NotesSharePoint\Migrator\MigratorConsole\migratorconsole.msc -rd=YourTemporaryRepository.nsf

The console will start with the database you specified.  As long as you don’t save your configuration, your former repository will be used the next time you start the console without the “–rd” parameter.

To indicate an alternate repository is loaded, the Root Node label in the navigation tree will have the repository name appended.  Example:  “Notes Migrator for SharePoint (TempRepository.nsf)”

The way I use it most is the way our system integrator partners use it:   Different clients have different repository databases, each containing data from that customer’s Notes environment.  It is common to want to quickly switch between them.

Another use is to segment a large environment.  As performance of redrawing views, etc., degrade when you have over (depending on your environment) 2000-5000 databases loaded, a customer with a 20,000 database environment might want to segment it all into 4 – 10 different repository databases.

2 responses to “Specifying alternate repository database with -rd command line option

  1. ypersiel jean-pol January 31, 2011 at 6:51 pm


    we used that soft for a while but now we have an error 40a for the import services

    could you help me?