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All Database View/Report Columns

With each new release of Notes Migrator for SharePoint, we add new functionality and this usually means new database properties that you can view in the Migration Console.  For example, our new “Blocked / Oversized File Detection” feature gives you four new columns that you can add to any database view or report:


With version 6.0, we are now up to 172 columns that you can display for each Notes database in your environment.  These columns are set in a variety of ways:

  • Discovery
  • Data Analysis
  • Design Analysis
  • Usage Analysis
  • Automatic Classification
  • Automation via Class Rules
  • Manual Triage
  • Performing Migrations

While we document all the available database columns in the appendices of our User Guide, it still can be difficult to understand what columns are available to solve a particular problem or where a given piece of data comes from. 

I have, therefore, created a new spreadsheet that includes extended documentation and is sortable in a number of ways.  Download it here: [NMSP 6.0 Database View Columns.xlsx].

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