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MessageStats Report Pack for Lotus Notes

People love MessageStats.  In the three years since joining Quest, I have met many customers and partners who think of MessageStats as the Quest product, compared to which migration tools are a necessary evil to get a short-term project done.

What many people do not know is that MessageStats, which reports from a wide variety of email systems, includes a great new Lotus Notes Report Pack [link].  To steal a few lines from their data sheet:

The MessageStats Report Pack for Lotus Notes extends MessageStats by gathering Domino server configuration details and Notes mailbox content information from a Lotus Notes environment. This report pack can be used as an assessment tool when planning a Notes migration to Exchange or Exchange Online (BPOS), and as an analysis tool for a mixed Exchange and Lotus Notes environment. MessageStats provides detailed reporting on mailbox sizes, security, and delegates, as well as reports about mailbox content.

NOTE:  Don’t confuse this with the Message Stats add-on that used to come with Notes Migrator for Exchange.  That tool simply reported off of the data collected by the migration tool.  This is a completely new tool, written completely from scratch, that reads information directly from your Notes/Domino environment.  It is so new in fact that it is not mentioned on many of the Message Stats overview page yet, but you can find the complete data sheet in the Message Stats library [link].

Meanwhile, these screen shots give you the idea of the types of things the product can help you with:















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