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When to elevate

If you are running on Windows machines with User Account Control turned on, you may have noticed problems running the Notes client and Notes Migrator for SharePoint – or perhaps even two Notes Migrator for SharePoint clients – at the same time.  

There are two keys to understanding what is going on here:

  1. Notes clients do not allow two Windows accounts to log in or access local Notes resources at the same time.
  2. If you run a process with elevated privileges (aka “Run As Administrator”, aka “Do you want to allow this program to run…?”) in Windows, the Notes client sees this as a different user than if you ran it without elevated privileges.

Therefore you cannot have two processes that access the same local Notes resources unless they are ALL running as Administrator or NONE of them are running as Administrator.  This includes the Notes client itself, the Notes Migrator for SharePoint Migration Console, the Notes Migrator for SharePoint Designer client, and any other Notes add-on products.

This problem gets worse when you realize that in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 usually want to  run Microsoft Management Console programs (including NMSP Migration Console) with elevated privileges (at least on my machine – there may be a way to turn this off).  This pretty much forces you to run Notes and the NMSP Designer as elevated too.

As always, be aware that if the local Notes state get corrupted, then NOTHING will work until you kill all Notes processes, including the ones in the background.  This can make debugging your Notes issues a lot more confusing.  Running Kill Notes [link] is usually a good way to make sure you are working from a good starting point.  (Oh yeah, you may have to run that as administrator too.)

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