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Notes Migrator for SharePoint 6.0 has RTM’ed

One of our most exciting releases ever has been “Released to Manufacturing” (or should I say “Released to Marketing”?) 

Here again is the final New Features list straight from our release notes:

  • Support for Document Sets (SharePoint 2010)
  • Support for Managed Metadata fields (SharePoint 2010)
  • Support for InfoPath List Forms (SharePoint 2010)
  • Generate PDF documents from Notes documents
  • Migrate directly to SQL Server databases (with automatic normalization)
  • Option to migrate via native SharePoint 2010 web services
  • Ability to authenticate with servers running Claims Based Authentication
  • Office 365 / BPOS-S beta support (utilizing the above 2 features)
  • Lightweight Migration Services (for even better BPOS-D support)
  • New Designer menus (including MRU lists)
  • License files installed / managed on the client only (host names no longer required)

If you are in our beta program (thank you) you can download the release build there now (build 288).  General Availability on our public web site and support site is scheduled for March 16.

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