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Office 365 Public Beta – a Celebration, a Warning and a Request

As many of you already know, Microsoft announced the public beta for the Office 365 platform yesterday (Yeah!).  See this site for details:  http://www.microsoft.com/office365

What this means for me is that all the hard work my team has been doing to add Office 365 support to Notes Migrator for SharePoint will now be available to a much wider audience.  I have talked to literally dozens of customers and partners who were chomping at the bit to get into the beta program and start migrating stuff.  This announcement also means that our NDAs are lifted and I can now publically discuss my (very positive) experiences with Office 365 .  I have a lot to say, so stay tuned.

WARNING:  Recent changes have been made to the Office 365 authentication system in the beta environment.  This means that the official Notes Migrator for SharePoint 6.0 release you can download from the web site will not be able to connect to your beta account as advertised.  We already have a hotfix that addresses this issue and the fix will also be in the upcoming 6.0.1 release.  You can request the hotfix from Quest support or just email me at steve.walch@quest.com.

REQUEST:  Microsoft also just launched a beta version of the new Microsoft Online MarketplaceNotes Migrator for SharePoint is listed there of course, but there are no independent product reviews.  As tempted as I am to post glowing reviews of my own product, I don’t think that was the intention of the site. Smile   So my request is that anyone who has used the tool on a real migration project (to Office 365 or not) post a review here.

By the way, many people have asked me whether they can count on being able to migrate to the Office 365 beta now and have the content roll over into the release version later.  I am happy therefore to share this statement I found in the FAQ section of the new beta site:

Q. What happens at the end of the Office 365 Beta?
A. The beta program will transition into a trial when Office 365 is commercially released. Then participants will have 30 days after trial activation to choose whether or not to continue with the service as a paid offering.

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