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Choosing the Type of InfoPath Form to Use in an Application

Attention all application migration personnel!  Please read this white paper by Microsoft SharePoint Technical Specialist Ira Fuchs:  InfoPath 2010 Enhanced Integration with SharePoint Server 2010 and Its Implications When Designing Forms for Applications

This paper does an excellent job describing how the new InfoPath List Forms and how they relate to the “classic” XML Document-based InfoPath Forms.  The paper culminates in the section “Choosing the Type of InfoPath Form to Use in an Application“, which I borrowed for the title of this blog post. 

I met Ira in person last spring at a Quest Software social event in Seattle.  Before joining Microsoft, he worked at one of my large enterprise customers (financial sector) and was involved in some of their Notes application migration projects.  Like me, Ira is a big advocate of leveraging all the great designer tools in SharePoint to avoid having to write custom code whenever possible.  Ira actually wrote an entire book on the subject which I am happy to also recommend here:  Enterprise Application Development in SharePoint 2010 – Creating an End-to-End Application without Code.


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