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Notes Migrator for SharePoint Partner Training Webinar Series – Recordings now available!

My seven week Partner Training webcast series is now complete!  This is the most in-depth training for Notes Migrator for SharePoint delivered to-date and includes coverage of new 6.1 features as well as most existing features.  The 12 hours of riveting content have been recorded in HD and it is all free for you to watch now.  Use the links below to download recordings and slides or link to the You Tube versions.   
Session 1:  Migration Basics with the NMSP Designer Client
[view recording]

  • NMSP overview
  • Migrating standard template databases
  • Migrating custom database content
  • Managing document links
  • Mapping security permissions
  • User/group mapping options
  • Transforming data with formulas
  • Migrating to Wiki pages
  • Rendering and archiving documents

Session 2: Analysis and Automation with the NMSP Migration Console
[view recording]

  • First time Configuration Wizard
  • Database discovery
  • Usage analysis, data analysis
  • Introduction to design analysis and application complexity
  • Classifying and consolidating applications
  • Utilizing console views and reports
  • Exporting data for external reporting
  • Importing data into the repository
  • Provisioning SharePoint sites
  • Running migration jobs from the console
  • Automated provisioning and migration

Session 3: Advanced Content Migration Jobs
[view recording]

  • Overriding Document Metadata
  • Working with Lookups and Managed Metadata
  • Migrating images/attachments to alternate Libraries
  • Dealing with multi-valued items
  • Normalizing multi-valued items to multiple documents
  • Working with Content Types
  • Dealing with Response documents
  • Generating Microsoft Word and PDF documents
  • Setting links to parent documents

 Session 4: Tool Deployment, Domino.Doc and QuickPlace/QuickR migrations
[view recording]

  • Understanding tool deployment options
  • Migrating via SharePoint 2010 Web Services
  • Migrating via the NMSP Import Service
  • Installing and configuring the Import Service
  • QuickPlace/QuickR migration jobs
  • Automated QuickPlace/QuickR migrations
  • Domino.Doc migration jobs
  • Automated Domino.Doc migrations

 Session 5: Migrating Application Designs 
[view recording]

  • Overview of design migration capabilities (and limitations)
  • Migrating Notes schema to custom lists
  • Migrating Notes schema to Content Types
  • Advanced SharePoint column provisioning
  • Migrating Notes forms to InfoPath list forms
  • Migrating Notes forms to InfoPath form libraries
  • Migrating Notes views to SharePoint views

Session 6: Tips and Tricks for Managing Large Migration Projects
[view recording]

  • Design analysis revisited
  • Capturing copies of application designs during analysis
  • Blending tool and manual analysis
  • Rethinking application complexity
  • Triaging value of applications
  • Working with business owners
  • Managing the migration process
  • Managing doc links
  • Using Intermediate files
  • Migrating with the NMSPCMD.EXE command line 

Session 7: Even More Advanced Content Migration Jobs
[view recording]

  • Working with Document Sets
  • Migrating to Wiki and Basic Pages
  • Migrating to Web Part Pages
  • Migrating to Publishing Pages
  • Migrating to InfoPath Form Libraries
  • Introduction to SQL Server Migrations

2 responses to “Notes Migrator for SharePoint Partner Training Webinar Series – Recordings now available!

  1. Stefaan Somers January 9, 2012 at 2:35 am


    do you happen to have a kind of road-map, check-list for gathering the right requirements for a Notes to Sharepoint migration

    For example :
    – do you want the security to be migrated to sharepoint
    – does the Notes application has complex logic

    Any help would be most welcome.

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