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Do you require more in-depth design analysis?

After you have completed your Notes application analysis with Notes Migrator for SharePoint, you will probably discover that some of your complex Notes applications will require custom development on SharePoint.  To help you clarify the level of development required and assist the developers performing the actual conversion, we recommend Teamstudio Analyzer for the in-depth design analysis.  Click here for more information on how Quest partners and customers can benefit from using Teamstudio Analyzer.

3 responses to “Do you require more in-depth design analysis?

  1. reese spears January 31, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    Problem: Calculated field does not appear when I go to MAP the fields from Notes to SP.
    So..in my “Target Data Definition on the Sharepoint side, I Edit and specify a calculated field (like in your screenshot) which is summing two other columns. (Validates fine) However, when I go to specify the actual Mappings, in the “Map To” section, where you specify which Sharepoint fields to map to, my calculated field does not appear…
    We are running NMSP v. 6.1.
    Any ideas? thanks.

    • swalch February 1, 2013 at 11:23 am

      You do not map data to Calculated columns. The values are computed on the SharePoint server at runtime!

      Just make sure you can check the “Add or upgrade List Fields” checkbox on the SharePoint tab and the Caculated fields you defined will be provisioned when you run the job.