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Still some confusion about Dell Software

In case you never got the memo, Dell acquired Quest Software back in September (link).  Since then the organization formerly known as Quest has been on a rapid growth path to becoming a major pillar of Dell’s new software division.  Yes, Dell does software now, but it is probably going to take a little while for everyone to get the idea.

At the November SharePoint Conference (SPC) the usual Quest sponsor booth was now a fully branded Dell booth.  I was working that booth and saw a lot of confused expressions as people tried to grok our signage.  Some were ignoring the booth because they did not need any laptops.  Others assumed that if Dell had SharePoint tools, they must be new 1.0 products.  Once we explained things, people were generally reassured that the Quest tools they knew and loved were alive, well, and likely to grow faster than ever.

So please bear with us as we proceed slowly and thoughtfully with rebranding of existing tools, etc.  Notes Migrator for SharePoint 6.2 will go out with Quest branding next month, but my new product Social Migrator for SharePoint (link) will go out with Dell branding.  Exciting times!

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