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Q&A from Tuesday’s webcast

Sorry we could not get to all your questions live.  Here is the entire list of questions:

Q:  Is this event being recorded?

    A:  Yes, you can view the recording now at https://www.quest.com/common/registration.aspx?requestdefid=51835.  Sorry about the recording level – be prepared to crank the volume up.

Q: If a Notes application exists for archive purposes only – what type of data migration should occur to get off of Notes but keep the data for a period of time. I’m not sure if SharePoint is the right platform in some cases but just want to get your thoughts.

    A: Render with Form is the most common approach. See this post: https://notes2sharepoint.org/2010/11/12/render-with-form/

Q: What QuickR versions do you support?  R8, or also back to QuickPlace?

    A: All versions of QuickPlace and QuickR

Q: Can you speak to how often you have companies using straight out of the box (OOtB) templates from Lotus?  Rather, out of x number of apps, how many of those apps are OOtB? 

    A: Varies widely but maybe 30% apps are based on standard templates – doc libraries, discussions, team sites

Q: If you “skip all the custom code that those crazy notes developers put into place”, do you also have a service offering to help write re-training documentation/collateral?

    A: Dell and Quest PSO teams offer these services, as do our awesome partners.

Q: I’d love to hear more about “Find unused databases”.

    A: Our tool helps you find the last usage dates across all replicas of each database. Simply sort by date and pick whatever cutoff you want to use.

Q: what are the benefits of migrating to SharePoint vs. say Adobe Lifecycle?

    A: That’s a question for Microsoft. I’m just the humble migration guy.

Q: How do you do the design snapshots? 

    A: We basically build a mini-template – copying all the design elements to a local database in a special location.

Q: What’s the minimum access level on Domino end and on SharePoint 2013 (online) end?

    A: On Domino, you just have to be a reader. On SharePoint, it depends on what you want to do. To write docs, you need write access. To provision lists, sub-sites, groups, user access you need to be a site administrator.

Q: Does the free analysis tool support Office 365?

    A: Yes. Or maybe “Not applicable” is a better answer. Analysis just accesses the Notes stuff.

Q: How to map Domino user id to Active Directory accounts for permission migration?

    A: We give you a variety of options, ranging from a directory lookup (if there is some property in the Domino Person document that SharePoint will accept as a unique identifier) to a brute force XML file.

Q: Can your migrations also retain functionality like Domino Attachment and Object Store (DAOS)?  I know this is not a db design feature, but a Domino Server level feature.

    A: No, but I believe that this is all transparent to the Notes APIs we call. So it should all “just work”.

Q: Are the OOtB templates, you have considered in your design of this too, only from Lotus, or also from Vendors? 

   A: Only templates from Lotus. Really, however, designing jobs for new custom Notes templates is not that hard once you get the hang of it. The hard part is when you need to develop a new SharePoint template with complex functionality (i.e. something to migrate the content to).

Q: Do your tools have the capability to “decommission” a Notes app once migrated?  For example, either delete it wholesale, or alter the ACL, or add page that redirects the user to SharePoint?

    A: No, we decided never to modify the Notes environment. We get more trust from our customers that way, but it means an extra step from you.

Q: Do your tools also take Roles into account for the ACL, form/view access, document access, etc.?

    A: Yes, we have the option of generating SharePoint Groups from Notes Roles. We use these groups in document-level security. We do not attempt to migrate view/form access.

Q: Can lotusscript or fomulas be migrated?

    A: No.  That is usually a manual step, but it is usually best to switch over to OOtB features and declarative workflow anyway.

Q:  Does the “add to lookup list” generate a warning?

    A: Not a warning, but I think we would log adding new items if you have verbose logging enabled.

Q:  What is the specific improvement for doc with one attachment?

    A:  See this blog post:  https://notes2sharepoint.org/2013/04/01/filter-by-rich-text-content/

Q:  I would appreciate a follow up call to discuss the questions I posted to the panelists.

    A:  If you would like to talk about our products in greater detail, your Quest/Dell sales rep will be happy to arrange that.

PS:  A good place to post additional questions is in our SharePoint Notes Migration community site:  http://communities.quest.com/community/sharepointforall/notes

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