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SharePoint for All has moved

Dell Software is back at the SharePoint Conference in a big way!

Dell Software is back at the SharePoint Conference in a big way! As you know,
we’re always a premier sponsor of this event because its the #1 SharePoint
event worldwide, helping us deliver our SharePoint solution message directly to
our customers. This conference takes place March 2-6, 2014 at the Venetian
hotel and casino.


LOCATION: Booth #1624 at the front of the expo hall, next to the social media lounge

SPONSORSHIP: We’re once again a premier sponsor with an extra big booth and signage in every other elevator in the Venetian and Palazzo – you’ll know we’re here!

ZANY GAME/CASH PRIZES: Expect another wacky game that lets you win cash and learn about our offerings

SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Walk the talk with a really fun give away (stay tuned for forthcoming details)

OFFERINGS/EXPERTS FOR Q&A: We’ve got migration, customization, management, infrastructure and services experts on hand to answer your questions


  • Sunday, March 2
    • 8:15 p.m.-8:30 p.m. – The Dell SharePoint story @ Partner Theatre in expo hall
  • Monday, March 3
  • Wed, March 5
    • 12:30 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. – Best Practices for Connecting Business-critical Data into       SharePoint @ SharePoint Pavilion in expo hall

Final post from Steve Walch

Hi everyone.  As many of you know, the reason for my long silence on this blog is that I resigned my position as product manager and left Dell on June 30.  So I am no longer Notes-to-SharePoint guy.

Many people have expressed how much they valued this blog as a source of straightforward product information and as a library of practical tips, tricks and product walkthroughs.  Therefore, in the hopes that all this can continue, I will be handing over control of this blog to the new product manager Randy Rempel.  This will be my last post here.

Before joining Dell, Randy was a partner and Notes Migrator for SharePoint power user, so I am confident that the products are in good hands going forward.  I am told that work on the next release is underway as well as some exciting new developments for Social Migrator for SharePoint.  As before, the Dell community site (http://communities.quest.com/community/sharepointforall/notes) is a great place to get additional release information, post questions, etc.

When I think back on my time at Quest/Dell, the part I miss the most was helping all my wonderful partners and customers.  Whether in person, by phone, by web meeting, or by email, contact with the people actually using the tools to solve real migration problems was always a highlight.  I am glad for this last chance to say goodbye.  Happy trails!


Still some confusion about Dell Software

In case you never got the memo, Dell acquired Quest Software back in September (link).  Since then the organization formerly known as Quest has been on a rapid growth path to becoming a major pillar of Dell’s new software division.  Yes, Dell does software now, but it is probably going to take a little while for everyone to get the idea.

At the November SharePoint Conference (SPC) the usual Quest sponsor booth was now a fully branded Dell booth.  I was working that booth and saw a lot of confused expressions as people tried to grok our signage.  Some were ignoring the booth because they did not need any laptops.  Others assumed that if Dell had SharePoint tools, they must be new 1.0 products.  Once we explained things, people were generally reassured that the Quest tools they knew and loved were alive, well, and likely to grow faster than ever.

So please bear with us as we proceed slowly and thoughtfully with rebranding of existing tools, etc.  Notes Migrator for SharePoint 6.2 will go out with Quest branding next month, but my new product Social Migrator for SharePoint (link) will go out with Dell branding.  Exciting times!

Lotusphere bound

I will be heading to Lotusphere next week for the first time in a couple years.  It should be a blast to see the many familiar faces once again.  Let me know if you plan to be there and would like to meet up in person.

Meet me at the SharePoint Conference

I will be at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference (SPC) in Anaheim, CA October 3-6.  Quest is the premier sponsor for the show and I will be spending a lot of time at the booth.

Our booth will have a kiosk dedicated to Notes to SharePoint migrations so please come by and see all that we have accomplished over the last year. 

I am also available for side meetings with customers throughout the event, so please contact steve.walch@quest.com if you would like to arrange something.  Or just stop by and say “hi”!

MessageStats Report Pack for Lotus Notes

People love MessageStats.  In the three years since joining Quest, I have met many customers and partners who think of MessageStats as the Quest product, compared to which migration tools are a necessary evil to get a short-term project done.

What many people do not know is that MessageStats, which reports from a wide variety of email systems, includes a great new Lotus Notes Report Pack [link].  To steal a few lines from their data sheet:

The MessageStats Report Pack for Lotus Notes extends MessageStats by gathering Domino server configuration details and Notes mailbox content information from a Lotus Notes environment. This report pack can be used as an assessment tool when planning a Notes migration to Exchange or Exchange Online (BPOS), and as an analysis tool for a mixed Exchange and Lotus Notes environment. MessageStats provides detailed reporting on mailbox sizes, security, and delegates, as well as reports about mailbox content.

NOTE:  Don’t confuse this with the Message Stats add-on that used to come with Notes Migrator for Exchange.  That tool simply reported off of the data collected by the migration tool.  This is a completely new tool, written completely from scratch, that reads information directly from your Notes/Domino environment.  It is so new in fact that it is not mentioned on many of the Message Stats overview page yet, but you can find the complete data sheet in the Message Stats library [link].

Meanwhile, these screen shots give you the idea of the types of things the product can help you with:















When to elevate

If you are running on Windows machines with User Account Control turned on, you may have noticed problems running the Notes client and Notes Migrator for SharePoint – or perhaps even two Notes Migrator for SharePoint clients – at the same time.  

There are two keys to understanding what is going on here:

  1. Notes clients do not allow two Windows accounts to log in or access local Notes resources at the same time.
  2. If you run a process with elevated privileges (aka “Run As Administrator”, aka “Do you want to allow this program to run…?”) in Windows, the Notes client sees this as a different user than if you ran it without elevated privileges.

Therefore you cannot have two processes that access the same local Notes resources unless they are ALL running as Administrator or NONE of them are running as Administrator.  This includes the Notes client itself, the Notes Migrator for SharePoint Migration Console, the Notes Migrator for SharePoint Designer client, and any other Notes add-on products.

This problem gets worse when you realize that in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 usually want to  run Microsoft Management Console programs (including NMSP Migration Console) with elevated privileges (at least on my machine – there may be a way to turn this off).  This pretty much forces you to run Notes and the NMSP Designer as elevated too.

As always, be aware that if the local Notes state get corrupted, then NOTHING will work until you kill all Notes processes, including the ones in the background.  This can make debugging your Notes issues a lot more confusing.  Running Kill Notes [link] is usually a good way to make sure you are working from a good starting point.  (Oh yeah, you may have to run that as administrator too.)

My first podcast

I recorded an interview with Hilton Giesenow of The MOSS Show, which is one of the most popular SharePoint podcast shows on the web.  As many of you already know, Hilton’s interviews are pretty in depth, so if you want to listen to an hour of Steve on the way to work today, download this:



Slowly but surely…

Please be patient as I gradually repost content from my old (crashed) blog site.  Rather than bulk load everything, I am taking the opportunity to review and update the posts as well as eliminate the ones no longer relevant.  But there are a lot of old tech notes and “how to”s that I know people depend on and I am sorry about the disruption.  It will take weeks and I trust it will be better than before.

And yes, I am still writing new stuff!

Simple migrations without tools

Migration tools are great (especially mine) but we don’t want to ever forget about the simple migration scenarios that you get for free from the Microsoft platform. 

Here is a cool video [link] from Microsoft’s Gary Devendorf showing you how to extract data from Notes using the good old ReadViewEntries Domino URL commands.  Gary uses Microsoft Access in this case to grab data from the Domino URL, massage it, and publish it to a SharePoint list.  Way cool!

You can do similar things using Excel and SharePoint Web Parts that read data from the same place.  Gary and I have co-presented on a few occasions and these types of demos are very popular.  And Notes developers are very happy to have a way to get started doing simple data migrations using these types of methods.

As Gary well be the first to tell you, these methods only take you so far.  You do not get rich text, attachments, created/modified metadata, security, and many other things.  That’s where tools such as Notes Migrator for SharePoint come in to save the day.

New article on Migrating Lotus Notes Applications to Microsoft SharePoint

New Site Under Construction

My hosting company (VPSLAND.COM) failed me again with more hardware problems.  Rather than wait to see if my old site will come back to life, I have decided to bite the bullet and move to a different provider regardless. 

So here I am on WordPress.  It will be nice to be on a real blog platform, with all the widgets, gadgets and links that the cool bloggers have.  And just maybe my blog will stay up a bit more reliably.

I will be reposting a lot of the old content, especially the tech notes and “how to”s, to this site, but it may take a while again.  Thanks to Windows Live Writer, which makes reposting to a new site pretty easy.  My apologies for all the broken links, but I will see what I can do about that.

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